Busch Stadium - The employees were talking while i was making my order

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I was at a baseball game, and we were hungry.I went with my sister to buy some snacks and the line was gigantic.

When we got to the employees, they started talking about their personal lives, ignoring us. then the cash register broke, and when we were heading to our family, i tasted the pizza... WORST PIZZA EVER ! DO not go eat there.

It was at Busch Stadium,st. Louis, MO, where me and my family went for vacation. The arch is pretty awesome but the pizza was terrible.

I dont know what to write, biut i gotta get to 100 words...and done!

Review about: Pizza.


Jacksonville, Florida, United States #641817

The people that work at the stadiums, theme parks, distribution hubs and retail locations are not AB employees they're contractors or vendors.Your complaint should be against the staff at the stadium and not against the company Anheuser Busch.

I work for Anheuser and know we have an impeccable customer satisfaction rate, notice you're the one and only complaint?

There's a reason for that.:grin

to AB EMPLOYEE #1060093

I have a complaint.Your beer is watered down.

I've bought two different types of beers made by ab and both were watered down. One so much so that I might as well have just bought bottled water instead.

Since you work for the company and take such pride that you resort to being snotty and smart mouthed, even if the prior complaint was in error, you need to tell you employer to stop being greedy and give consumers what they are paying for. Then they need to invest in some classes to teach you and the rest who may be like you how to use proper customer service etiquette. As a business owner, I'd be appalled if one of my employees spoke to someone that way.

If this is what ab allows it's no wonder their products are going down.This is not the attitude of a person or company the makes something to be proud of.

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